Hi Guys

This formum is new to me, but was wondering if anybody could help me.

Three years ago I was diagnosed with one Autoimmune Disease Hashimoto's Thyroiditis TSH level was 250 and Antibodies over 3,500 and something. Well that has been all under control. (so we thought)

The last couple of months I have been experiencing, as diagnosed by a specialist (polymyalgia, polyarthralgia, cognitive deficits????, and lethargy), he also ran more bloods the other day and in a matter of weeks my Antibodies for my Thyroid have skyrocketed again to over the 1,000's which apparently should be way under 60. I have Migranes starting again, I have been put on Antiinflammatoiries that seem to helping with the Polymyalgia, but the PolyArthralgia is really bad and are starting to get carpel tunnel synrome again. Not to mention, that for some reason I have also been diagnosed with severe tremors, which they have put me on medication for, as I am also studying Nursing in my Second Semester, but doesn't look like I'll get through, as All I want to do is sleep.

Presently the medication I am on is this:-

Zocor - for high cholesterol levels
Orozine - for thyroid (Hashimoto's Disease)
[bhe ]The Pill[/b] - to stop extreme heavy menstrual flow that continues for days
Valium - for tremors, but only when needed and try to keep to low as dose as possible.
Paracetamol SR Tablets 665 mg (two twice a day for Pain)
Indocid - for immflammation of muscles (working wonders)
Lovan - Antidepressent

Forgot to mention that my body has now picked up another autoimmune factor/disease known as Rho52 which causes Lupus in babies, although it is not supposed to in Adults. I have a lot of classic symptoms of Lupus and If somebody could help me or has heard of this please let me know.

I am getting so down in the dumps for being sick for so long, when so many doctors tell you that there is nothing wrong with you and that it is all in my head. At least I have a Dr who it may be out of his field, is trying his best to help me.

Any feedback would be most appreciated.

Thanks for lisening.

Kaza - Can you believe I study or am supposed to be, and your not supposed to be treated like this.

Take care and thanks again. Kaza