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Thread: Has anybody heard of this????????

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    Default Has anybody heard of this????????

    Quick updated. Three years ago diagnosed with severe Hypothyroidism, which is supposedly under control. Though have just found out that my even though my tsh levels etc are within range, my thyroid antibodies have skyrocketed in to the 1,000's again when they should be under 60. I know nothing to do to with Lupus, but the story goes on.

    I recently tested positive to Rho52 that causes lupus in babies. I have all the signs of lupus, butterfly rash across face, dermititis heptaformis, wake up with different muscles pulled each morning, joint aches (severe), migranes beginning to return, tremors that make me look like something like Parkinson's disease, though they have put me on medication to try to calm them down, depression, which is being treated.

    Recently saw a doctor before they picked up that my thyroid antibodies were up, he diagnosed me with having polymyalgia, polyarthralgia, lethargy, and some sort of cognitive deficit.

    Can any body tell me if they have heard of an Adult being attacked with the antibodies that causes Lupus in Babies. I am only a small person, less than 5 foot and way about 47 kg. I said to the doctor, that not everything and everyone fits into the book, does he think that maybe my body thinks that it is a baby.

    anybody who has any information would be most appreciated. I am trying to study nursing, second semester. First semester wasn't sick and was fine. This semester really struggling. Assignment due tomorrow and have only just started, need to sleep all the time. I have an extension, but not sure how long. Do not wish to defer course, just need correct help and fast.

    Can not get into see a Endocrinologist until mid September and Immuunologist 4th of December, maybe another one a little earlier in the middle of November.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

    Feel free to write back, any suggestion's would be most appreciated.

    Kaza :?
    Help always appreciated.


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    Kaza; See my reply in Lauri's Lounge :lol:


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