How do you tell the difference between a Lupus headache and just a stress headache? For the past couple weeks Iíve had a dull headache at the top of my head, itís even there when I wake up in the morning. When it gets bad it hurts to move my head around. Tylenol doesnít seem to help. Iíve found an ice pack does the best. A couple times it has felt like the skin on the top of my head was super hot like it had been sun burned, but when I touch it with my hands it isnít hot at all. I had my husband feel too and he said it wasnít hot either. I have Raynaudís, but Iím taking blood pressure medicine (procardia) and it seems to be well controlled. Iím also on Immuran and Prednisone and all my other symptoms seem to be controlled too. I have had a DVT (blood clot), but all the antibodies associated with clotting have all come back negative.