Hello all. I was wondering about Methotrexate. I've been on plaquinel, imuran and prednisone and my rheumy seems to think that they are not working like they should and wants me to start mehotrexate. What scared me is that I read it is a class x drug that can cause birth defects if the man OR the woman is on it when a baby is conceived. I've never been on birth control, so the thought of taking something like that is scary. Even if I were to get on "the pill" in order to take this stuff, I think I'd still be scared of getting pregnant. I desperately want to have more kids someday, but don't think that I could live with myself if I had a baby with birth defects due to the meds. I guess my thing is that almost my whole family seems to get pregnant despite birth control. I talked to my rheumy about feeling uncomfortable, and he said it's really my decision (but I could tell he thinks I'm nuts). I guess this whole rant amounts to wondering what anyone else has experienced with the drug. Anything would be helpful! Thanks