I have had lupus for two years now in addition to fibromyalgia. I am a graduate student but will be done with my student teaching at the end of May. I am on Trazodone (for sleeping at night), Actonel (for osteopenia), Plaquenil, and am finally tappering off of the prednisone. At some point after I am done with school, my husband and I would like to attempt to have children. My question is if anybody knows what medications are safe to be on and what medications are not safe to be on. I have read a lot of the literature and it seems that Plaquenil is one that doctors are not quite sure of in terms of complications that it might cause the fetus. Also my doctor says that it might be good to stay on the Plaquenil so as to prevent a flare-up during pregnancy. If anyone has any words of wisdom because they have been through pregnancy and lupus and know what medications are safe and not safe as well as any other advice with pregnancy and lupus, I would be greatly appreciative.