8) The heatwave is over. The temps are back to normal. Its such a nice day outside but I'm home. I stayed home all day yesterday, a friday. I had one of those days when laying in bed watching tv and taking naps was the only thing to do. I just didnt have much energy to go out, it was such a nice day too. 8) Its bright and sunny outside. I know if I go out now, I'll have to face the consequences later on. A friend wants to hang out, but hopefully, the plans will be later on after 4 or 5pm. I think I'm getting cabin fever, maybe I need to get out for a bit, smell the fresh air, laugh with a friend. :lol: The cabin fever is kinda stressing me out and making me sad at the same time. Well, if anyone is home like me and wants to chat, you know where to find me.