Well, I have already had some problems with my boyfriend understanding me and giving me the support that I need, that's why I came here. Well today I find out that he has been talking to other chicks on the net. This is really upsetting to me, as this is how we met.
I confronted him, and he says that he is just escaping reality. That it's helping him cope. I told him it's not acceptable to talk to other women in that form. God, how can men be so stupid! He says that he is scared and that he doesn't know how to handle all the changes that are happening. Well, how in the hell does he think I feel!!! Anyway, I don't know what will come up this. I thought we were best friends and were going to marry like we have been talking about. And there's still a slim chance that I'm pregnant (NOT planned) as I'm a month late.
This is just extra stress that I don't need right now.
Well I have to go pick up the paperwork about my disability from my Rhuemy. I'll keep you updated. Thanks for letting me vent guys! I know I will make it through no matter what. It just seems like my world is crumbling around me right now.