Hi larry here, found your site and thought to drop a line. I have discoid lupus, started at 18 and some guy I was working with said
hey, whats that red mark on your head, me being young said dunnno! After a month went to derma. and they said here just put some of this on it
( I still dont know what it was). after a year went to another derma. this doc took a bio. of the spot and came back, yep lupus. Since then I have had flare ups almost like clock work every 5 yrs and am going though one now. The only thing is that its in the scalp and man every time I lose a patch or two, You know what that does to a person? Well im upset and am rubbing steriod cream on my scalp 3 times a day hoping not to lose alot of hair. OK Guys well im finished venting!!!!!!!!!! It looks like a nice site so if you guys dont mind ill stick around. And please if you have a story lets share because were all in this together!