I am going today for my first Rhume visit. I have been dealing with the Lupus symptoms for over three years...was told I have Fifths Disease back then. I am really nervous and scared. My three children have to come to the appt with me because my husband can't get off work and I have no family around here. I am extremely overwhelmed and have been crying all morning. (of corse I have been hiding it from the kids because I don't want them to be scared) I have heard horror stories about doctors not believing the patients symptoms. I don't want to show up and be promptly dismissed with a perscription for Tylenol 3. I have been keeping a symptom log for the past month, so that will help me when it comes to explaining it all to the dr. I am not quite sure why I am posting this. I just felt like venting. I am so hurt that my husband won't get off work....I guess that's it. I am not really mad, I've just been building myself up emotionally for this visit, I would prefer to not have the kids with me. Anyway, thanks for listening!