I was wondering if anyone else here has had shingles? My first occurance was in October, 2004. It was torture for about 2 weeks and then the pain subsided. I had them again last year in September--same thing. To my dismay, I have a familiar sensation around my midsection today. This is how they started before. Right now I feel like my ribcage has been sandblasted and I can feel heat radiating from that area. I am praying to God and whoever else might be listening :roll: that this isn't shingles again!!! No blisters yet, but when this happened last year I never had any blisters. My internest said sometimes they don't erupt. He put me on Valtrex, but it didn't really help...I guess it has to run its course. If anyone has any info/advice to share I would appreciate it very much...[/img]