:? Hey everyone, here to vent and ask for advice. I was diagnosed in Feb 2006 with SLE and sjrogrens. I am on plaquenil 200mg qd and Celebrex 1 qd. I have been really sick for 2 weeks now. So I called the doc and she started me on an antibiotic for a possible sinus infection. by the way, I have had a severe headache for 14 days now. but it hasent helped. Still have a ha, joint pain, fatigue. I will see the doc in 2 days. What determines the dosage of plaquenil that I am taking? and also when do the doctors decide to try out prednisone on their patients? ( not that I even want to take it!) I was curious about what the doctor will do since I am still in this flare. Thanks for any advice!
Love and hugs :!: