Hi Everyone,

I'm new here and really appreciate this board. I was diagnosed with SLE, a few months ago although there is no doubt in my mind that I have had it for a long time. I'm a male, 42 years old. My mother also has Lupus.

I'm sure this is similar to so many of you, but I went years with unexplainable pain, heart problems, TIA's, etc, etc, etc. I even have the classic facial rash, but every doctor passed it off as either something else or just in my mind....until I tested positive.

I have struggled with so many aches and pains that I'm not sure how much more I can take. As Director of Risk Management, I'm in a very stressful job...not to mention that I'm in the blistering sun of Alabama.

My question that I'm hoping some of you can help with is this: If I opt for long term disability through my work, is it a decision that I make, is it a decision my doctor makes...or both? I know one thing, I can't handle much more of coming home with horrid headaches, pain in all my joints and so forth. It's driving me crazy because I want to work, but I also don't want this to turn to my internal organs either.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

God bless,