I really need prayer! I am in the midst of a minor flare (I am tired, achey, feverish and have a headache, but I am not bed ridden). I am also a school teacher (school starts in 1 week) AND I am moving this weekend and am TRYING to sell the house I live in right now!! (if you've ever sold a house you know that means I have to keep it clean 24/7 just in case someone wants to see it) There is also a possibility that I will be switching to a new school closer to where I am moving. On top of that, my husband is out of town and I am home alone with our 3 girls (a ten year old and 6 year old twins) This is alot of change and STRESS and I am feeling very overwhelmed!!!! I think it is making me sicker! Please pray that I will sell me house TODAY (we have someone coming back for a repeat showing) and that my move will go smoothly and that IF I switch schools that the transition will be without drama. This is all requiring more energy than I have and I can feel myself running down. I don't want to be home sick on the first day of school!!!!! Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.