I have been feeling pretty sick for a while and seeing a whole bunch of doctors! I have quite a few symptoms that I'm not gong to go over now. I feel that I could have lupus. I saw a Rheumatologist who agreed that I likely have an autoimmune disorder. He ordered Lupus and Sjogrens tests. He told me he thinks I could have fibromyalgia and Sjodrens together, (not lupus). I got some labwork back but do not go back to discuss diagnosis for two more weeks. Its driving me crazy! I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this? I am going to post my lab results - does this look more like Lupus or Sjogrens?

-White Blood Cell- LOW- 3.8 * 1000 mm/3 (normal begins at 4.5 *1000)
-ANA Ab: Positive 1:80
-ANA IFA: Positive 1:320 (Speckled Pattern)
-SSA (Related to Sjogren's?): Moderately High and Positive
-ENA (Smith Ab + RNP): Positive
-Neut Percent: Slightly Low
-Neutro Auto Abs: Slightly Low

-Rest of Complete blood count: Normal
-C3 & C4: Normal
-CK (creatine kinase): Normal
-SSB (Related to Sjogren;s?): Normal and Negative
-double strand DNA: Normal

There is so much overlap between the two that I cannot figure it out, which in turn is driving me crazy! I've been feeling so fatigued and sick and waiting for answers for almost three months now and it feels like forever!! Oh, I meet 3 of 6 sjogrens criteria, and about 7 of the 11 criteria for Lupus, by the way. Please let me know if any one you have had similar results and what your final diagnosis was!

Thanks a bunch!