Hi all.

First, let me apologize for barging back in after a long hiatus. I'm not very good with bulletin boards these days. I will try to find a little time to say hello and contribute and not just take.

I'm going to start with a question however (taking).

I recently had to stop Plaquenil--my wonder drug for 15 years--and have been on CellCept for four months. It's a pain (metaphorically) and doesn't seem to be working as well as the Plaquenil did, so also a literal pain. Oh, and I've been forced to go from 300mgs of Tramadol a day to 100. Even better! :P

Among new experiences since coming off the plaquenil, what I used to jokingly referred to as "attacking itches" on my feet have progressed to hot needle stabbing pains. These are not constant nor even very often. The rate at which they occur is highly variable and seems to have no relationship to what I'm doing or have done during the day. I can have four or five of these pains in a row within two or three minutes that feel, as best I know to describe, as if someone has jabbed my foot with a needle (missing skin and bone and gone straight to nerve.) There is often a dull ache left over for several minutes after. Then I might not have them again for two or three days. And so on.

I don't want to get all worked about it, but it is new. Or at least, a qualitative change from what was just an annoyance to something that shuts me down mentally for those few moments. And makes me look silly because I'm completely fine talking to someone then I'm wincing and grabbing my foot as if this will help in some way when it does nothing at all.

As per my title, does this sound like early stage neuropathy?

Or, if more appropriate, what were your experiences with neuropathy? Did it begin slowly and ramp up or did it just hit you quickly and hard?

Any thoughts are appreciated.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.