I know in the past proper trials for Plaquenil and It's effects on Lupus nephritis weren't really invested in. So you often came across unconvincing and short bits of info along the lines of "This is not effective in Lupus Nephritis" or "Any organ involvement" ....but that was it??? Never suggested why or anything. That was years ago when I was looking into it, but lately I have started researching it again and I have come across more than a decent amount of respectable articles suggesting that Plaquenil can be a very effective Nephritis medication. Doctors around the world stating "All LN patients should be on some amount of Plaquenil" and studies that show significant improvement in those LN patients who took the drug. I also came across an article that said Rheumy's are more likely to know of It's benefits and that Kidney specialists often are unaware of the positives it can have on LN. I also speak to a decent amount of people with LN who have been put on it. So I take it these people haven't just been put on it for no reason???? I just find it fascinating that I don't see a rheumy, just a kidney specialist, and she has never even considered putting me on it for my LN? However when I flared and went into hospital the Rheumy's there were asking why I wasn't on it? If It's gonna help me at all then I want to be on it. I definitely plan on seeing a rheumy. Sorry for the novel...I'm just baffled and frustrated.

Who here takes Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine) for Lupus Nephritis?