Hello everyone,

I've had this nagging question that I wanted to ask. I've seen that seizures are a symptom of Lupus, esp Neuroligical Lupus (I cannot for the life of me remember the name of this type of Lupus) along with of course alot of other things. I personally have not had a seizure since I was 21 (13 yrs ago), but was diagnosed at 7 with childhood epilepsy and had quite a few seizures (petite mall and grand mall) between 6 and 12 (puberty), but subsided with only an occasional petite mall seizure until 21...which was induced after my eyes were dialated at an eye exam under floresent lights.

Now I guess my curious question is if anyone else ever diagnosed or experienced childhood epilepsy/seizures too, with or prior to being diagnosed with Lupus?

My next appointment is tomarrow, and he has some results for me of some of my tests (ok, reallity is nurvously hitting my now), and may ask this question to him too, if it could have been related....but I'm mostly curious if there have been signs of "something" since I was young. I guess it's the perverbial, what came first, chicken or the egg question in my head.