I have had lupus for 15 years well when the biopsy of my kidney was done. About 6 years later I had this spell were i was on my way to the store.I got a massive head ache and the dr. was on my way to the store, so i went their instead. Well my left had was num and my vision was going i had to sit in the car a while before i could see to go in. They took me back and checked me out and thought i had a stroke, but after tests they found nothing said it was a migraine . Well i had them before but not like this one. They sent me home and said if it happenend again let them know. well Sunday it did and I called the dr. office on monday and they took my message. So yall will understand better its been about 9 years sence it happened this time my husband was at home with me and he was scared to death he said my hand was ice cold and my face was the whites thing he had ever seen and he asked me somethings and i could not tell him the answer to his questions i couldn't think clear. Both time only lasted about 2 - 3 hr. Does anyone know of anything like that . I have 3 kids and watch 2 kids yungest is 1 . I don't want this to happen when i have them by myself. Soory for the spelling trying to keep up with the kids and ask for help.