Morning All!

Supposed to be working but my head is full of cotton wool so I thought I would do a little Lupus research instead.

I went to see a new Rheumie last week. In the UK we get free health care which is great and I dont know how I would cope with the worry of how to afford to see a Dr! The only downside is you dont get to have any choice who you see and when you see them so I have seen a different one everytime since being diagnosed in Feb 06.

The one I saw last week reminded a lot of "House" a Dr on TV. V clever I am sure but with no patient manner at all. The last set of bloods are looking really good but I am really struggling with breathlessness.

Since september last year I have had pluresy and never got rid of it. I have aslo had Mycoplasma pnuemonia, Pericarditus and pnuemonitus all at different times. The Rheumie decided I had another chest infection so has given me some more antibiotics but then mentioned something called shrinking lung syndrome. He has sent me for some more tests, chest x-ray, heart Echo, lung function etc but I wanted to find out a little more about it so looked on the internet but I cant find anything.

So now to the questions...
1. Will the pluresy ever go away?
2. Does anyone know anything about Shrinking Lung Syndrome?

Sorry this is so rambling but as I said suffering from major brain fog today! Should stop partying and get more sleep!