:?: I have a question for everyone. I've read the funny post about "you have lupus if..." many of the posts include forgetting things, which I found myself laughing to :lol: because similar things happen to me. But, why do we forget? Today, I found myself in a daze. I went to the mall today, it was raining heavily, I walked quickly to the entrance with my umbrella. As soon as I started walking thru the mall, I can't remember if I shut my headlights off... I had to rush back to the truck, in the pouring rain, and Yes, I did turn the lights off. And then it happened again when I got home... I already got to my room when I realized, did I close the windows? Geez, so, I had to go back outside and check, and Yes, I did. I feel like my mind is somewhere else today. So, why do we get forgetful? :?: