I'm not exactly new...been posting for about a week. I am waiting on a diagnosis...my appt with the rhume is 7/26. I have been battling all the fatigue, sun sensitivity, joint pain, rash, fever, memory loss, anxiety, etc for over three years. My doctor diagnosed me with Fifths disease (my 3 daughters had all gotten it in the months prior to my sudden onset of symptoms) He did do an ana test because I have a family history of lupus (my aunt died of complications in early 1970's) My ana was neg. Shortly after my tests with the dr, I moved 400 miles away and changed doctors and have never mentioned it to my new doctor. I kept thinking my symptoms would just go away. I never really believed I had Fifths Disease, but I wanted to believe it (that disease just goes away on its own) I have gone to my new doctor several times over the past 2 years for various symptoms (joint pain, EXTREME FATIGUE, anxiety) and he has treated me symptom by symptom. Why has it taken me so long to find a Rhume? Denial??? Any way, whatever the reason, I am ready for some relief. I know it is possible to feel good. I REALLY want to find out how. I don't like getting sick from the sun, or spending a perfectly beautiful Saturday afternoon on the couch because I have no energy to do anything else. I am almost wishing I would get my lupus diagnosis so I could start dealing with it. This not knowing is so hard to deal with. I think I appear lazy to other people who don't know how I feel (physically). Is it CRAZY to hope I get my lupus diagnosis?