It seems like when I am just starting to feel better, I flare up and feel horrible again. This time has been one of the worst with the inflamation, I have non-organ so far but I get so inflamed I can hardly move. I cant reach around to put on my seat belt, my knees hurt so bad I am limping and my hips hurt. My wrists, ankles and well just everything. I am on Plaquenil for approx. 4 mos. now and see no difference. I am taking 800 to 3200 mg ibprop. when its bad and sometimes thats not even helping. What can I take that will stop the pain? Should I go back to the Dr? Is there something that will help just during the flares? I was dxed last Oct. and still have never had a clear explanation of what my blood tests say or what they mean. I have a new Dr. now and just had tests again, they called and said labs were normal except for the things that people with lupus usually have in their tests...what does that mean? Should I try and go back in before my next three month check up and ask? Grateful for any advice - ms noah