Hi, so my symptoms that promoted my primary doctor to check my ANA was my fingers turning white and purple when cold and they get tingly alot and also i have radiating joint pain. I am 26. My ANA came back positive >=1280 speckled pattern so she referred me to the rheumatologist. I saw him on monday and he ordered a anti smith test and and anti dsdna. The anti smith came back positive 3.8, does anyone know if this is high or low ? The anti dsdna came back negative. I messaged the doctor and he said the anti Smith is minimally low and it just means i could develop lupus in the future. My next appointment is in 3 weeks. I think he just didn't want to tell me everything thru a message online cause everything i see online says if u have either a positive anti Smith or anti dsdna u more than likely have lupus. I dont want anything sugar coated just want to know yaws honest opinions. Do u think its lupus?