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Thread: new to this,question about lab results.

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    Default new to this,question about lab results.

    Hi, so my symptoms that promoted my primary doctor to check my ANA was my fingers turning white and purple when cold and they get tingly alot and also i have radiating joint pain. I am 26. My ANA came back positive >=1280 speckled pattern so she referred me to the rheumatologist. I saw him on monday and he ordered a anti smith test and and anti dsdna. The anti smith came back positive 3.8, does anyone know if this is high or low ? The anti dsdna came back negative. I messaged the doctor and he said the anti Smith is minimally low and it just means i could develop lupus in the future. My next appointment is in 3 weeks. I think he just didn't want to tell me everything thru a message online cause everything i see online says if u have either a positive anti Smith or anti dsdna u more than likely have lupus. I dont want anything sugar coated just want to know yaws honest opinions. Do u think its lupus?

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    Please refer to my response to your post in "New Members". We cannot tell you if you may or may not have Lupus as we are not doctors. I hope that my response to your other post was helpful. If you need more information, please feel free to ask. But always bear in mind that we cannot give you an answer to your question regarding the possibility of you having Lupus.

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    Every lab has different reference ranges and we cant really say whether something is borderline, positive or negative without the ranges. (ie my labs anti-sm is <0.1 is negative or something like that and 3.8 would be strongly positive, but in context of other labs 3.8 could be barely positive).

    From here he will evaluate your current symptoms and make the call whether you should be monitored, diagnosed, or treated or some combo of the three. If your current symptoms are only joint pain, ana, and another anti SM its possible they will take a wait and see approach just treating the joint pain with otc NSAIDs. if over the counter nsaids arent cutting it, dont be afraid to call back the rheum and ask for a stronger NSAID.

    You're definitely right in the sense they usually wont comment much over the phone. When I pressed the rheumy for some answers to my blood results over the phone he kept repeating we'll speak at our next appointment (in 2 months). Drives me nutso... If it was my PCP she wouldve layed out everything over the phone so I dont have to wait for a follow up.

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