Hi my name is Ashley I am 26. I had been having signs of raynauds for over a year and my hands falling asleep a lot but I never went to a doctor cause I had no insurance at the time. finally got insurance a few months ago and went for a physical at my primary doctor last month so I told her about how my hands and feet would turn white and purple when exposed to cold and how they fell asleep a lot and she suggested it may be a autoimmune disorder so she ordered a ANA test. It came back positive with a titer of >=1280 and speckled pattern. I done enough googling to realize it was high. She referred me to a rheumatologist and my first appointment was this past Monday. he asked a million questions and diagnosed the raynauds and ordered some additional bloodwork because he said I may or may not have lupus and we will know more after those test results come back. Well at 2 am I just received a email with a new lab result and it was my anti smith antibody, it said normal range was less than .01 and mine was 3.8. Is this considered very high? still waiting on the anti-dsna test to come back. with the positive and high ANA and the positive anti smith and the raynauds and I also have radiating joint pain is it safe to say I have lupus? I don't go back to the rheumatologist til September 8th. sorry so long new to all this and just want to know what to expect