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Thread: lupus & PT/acupuncture?

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    Default lupus & PT/acupuncture?

    Im still waiting for my rheumy appt to find out if I have lupus or something else... Although I've been dealing with some very bad pain days that OTC pain relievers arent helping, and cymbalta isnt helping.... I'm starting to think of alternatives as I'm feeling desperate on the bad days... Only 7 days till that appointment and I'm counting down hoping he can offer me SOME relief even if he doesnt have immediate answers.

    My ins covers Physical therapy and/or acupuncture, I would assume I'd need a diagnosis of some sort and a referral. It would be a bother to go to PT, as Id have to do it on my days off and take public transportation there, but if it helped it would be worth it...
    Does anyone do any physical therapy or acupuncture for their joint pain? Some PT places around here do arthritis warm water pools and then traditional PTs... Does it help you? Does it not? Would you recommend it?

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    I use massage therapy, seems to work for me. Depends on the severity of the pain, cause of the pain, and the training of the massage therapist. just wish I could afford to get more.

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