my doctors are now at the point where they wont order any further testing and they have completely ruled out lupus as a diagnosis. since getting ill in November with aches and pains, fatigue and a transient facial rash i've had several FBC's all normal with no inflammation markers, 3 ANA's all negative & visited a rheumatologist privately who performed ENA panel-negative, 2 C3 and C4 checks (C4 borderline once then returned to well within range), CK enczyme-normal. The rheumatologist said he can say 'with complete confidence' that i don't have anything autoimmune however this has left me in a terrible situation.

I believe my body reacted to the root canal treatment and the materials used as i became ill immediately afterwards, with further reading i discovered there's a condition called 'multiple chemical sensitivity' which i believe i may have acquired as a result of a trauma prior to the root canal treatment. I got the teeth removed 2 months ago however i've received no improvements in my health despite taking nutritional supplements, eating healthily and exercising when i can. The facial rash i had along with the fatigue and joint/muscle pains made me certain it was Lupus however i experience other symptoms which don't seem to be so common.

Dizzy spells, all over muscle twitches, eye floaters, pain in ears, ringing/noises in ears, hand tremor, tingling, sneezing, sinus pressure, chest wall pain, nerve pain in head (neuralgia)

i'm just wondering if anyone with lupus experiences these symptoms? the pains in my muscle and joints also literally hit for a second then could move somewhere else in the body, they don't last for more than a second in any particular part and are never accompanied by any warmth or swelling.

i'm stuck with a Post-Viral Fatigue diagnosis at the minute which really isn't accurate and i'm just so fed up with life to the point i've felt suicidal recently.

my symptoms also crossover a lot with Lyme however i really can't see any way i could have Lyme and if i even mention that to my doctor they will treat me like more of a lunatic than they already do.