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Thread: Could I have undiagnosed lyme disease?

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    Default Could I have undiagnosed lyme disease?

    I had a tick from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin in my head when I was a kid. My dad pulled it out with a twiser because I was complaining of buzzing in my head. The tick was in there for several days. The point is that I have several of the after effects of undiagnosed lyme disease. If there was a rash, it couldn't be seen for the hair on my head. Anyway, when I see my Dr., I am going to discuss this with her and see if I can get tested for lyme disease.

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    Not saying this applies to you but I have a client who was dx w/ lupus and thought she had it for several years. Turns out she ended up being later dx
    w/Lyme disease.After treating it,all symptoms went away and does not have Lupus at all! Wouldn't that be nice!!!!!!!!!!

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