Hi All,

I've just had blood test results for Lupus but will be gobsmacked if they don't come back as positive. I actually took along a piece of paper with my life history to the doctors this time (realise they don't have time to look right through all records!) so they are testing. But this is what I said:

Yesterday the lymph glands on both elbows swelled up. They are still swollen, the left more than the right. I don't have a high temperature but feel like rubbish.

As a young child my first memories were of my parents getting worried when my fingers went white while I played in the sea, and this has been something that has always happened in cold weather. *When I was five years old I developed boils all over my body, with one turning into an abscess and needing lancing at a hospital. Iíve always had constipation. Tonsils were taken out as a young child due to recurrent tonsillitis. *I had horrendous tooth decay problems despite not eating a lot of sweet things, again from a child. I was taken into hospital with glandular fever at 16. *From a teenager I had bad acne and depression and have always been treated for this as if I came off medication I spiraled down, so it was accepted it was a physical thing that needed medication, so thatís been kept under control. I had recurrent cystitis problems before having my first child.*My first child was born 6 weeks early, my second I was told I would miscarry at 3 months and was told to go home and wait for it to happen, but I went home and hardly moved and didnít miscarry but they told me at 38 weeks that the cord was failing and started the labour off. *The third pregnancy I did miscarry. *I didnít try any more after that but counted my blessings with the two boys I had. I had small red very itchy spots all over body for some years until a doctor suggested it could be penicillin allergy in milk etc. and to try soy milk and no dairy products or beef for a few weeks. This worked and I was gradually able to go back on to beef but use ĎPUREí skimmed milk. I only get a fore up if I eat blue veined cheese now.*I also had fibroids removed (along with the uterus lining). *I was diagnosed with under active thyroid many years ago and have been on thyroxin since. *I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia many years ago, and also have fairly severe arthritis (but what I always felt was odd, was that the arthritis flared up in both knees and both wrists at the same time, which seemed weird for osteo arthritis?) *Iíve been diagnosed with dry eyes and dry vagina (but very heavy discharge with a lot of itching from time to time, but Vagisil seems to calm the itching)and have a hernia ring . Iíve been diagnosed with unstable angina many years back after a stress test at hospital. *I get ulcers on the extreme areas of my jaw in my mouth. *My hair is falling out. Iíve got thick mucous at the back of my throat (post nasal drip) - Mometasone for that but itís not kicked in yet. Years back I was diagnosed with Vit D deficiency so have been taking a Vit D supplement every since (400iu). *I have high cholesterol. *I frequently get burst blood vessels in fingers where a painful bruise appears and have lots of spider veins on legs. Iíve got patches of brown skin under arms.

When I went to donate blood once I was diagnosed with anaemia.

Itís just that so may of these symptoms seem to point to Lupus? Iíve never thought to mention the mouth ulcers and white fingers in the cold but just dealt with themÖ

My mother had an under active thyroid, high cholesterol and diabetes Type 1 and died of breast cancer. I donít know if any of this is relevant but thought I should mention it in case.

That's about it really. There is one question. My skin doesn't seem affected by sunshine but does that mean that sunshine DOESN'T affect me at all, or is it just that I'm to seeing the effects of it?

Thank you so much for any advice you can offer!
Best wishes,