I need a little help making a decision and don't know where else to ask.

I was diagnosed a little over four weeks ago. SLE. The diagnosis came from the 2nd rheumatologist I saw. The first was dismissive because of my negative ANA. The doctor that gave me the diagnosis started me on plaquenil and scheduled my next visit with her for this coming Friday (6 days from now.)

Since the diagnosis, my symptoms have gotten steadily worse. My fever has rarely gone below 99.5 for two weeks (my pre-lupus temps were about 97.3). The brain fog is starting to scare me. I can't concentrate on anything and I am losing words half the time I try to speak. The joint pain, especially in my lower back, hands and feet, is terrible. By 1pm everyday, my "spoons" are long gone and I feel so weak I shuffle across the floor. Besides the malar rash, there's a new strange rash on my shoulder. Last night when I woke to use the bathroom, I was so lightheaded I went down on the floor. Not quite passing out but I couldn't stay upright.

I called my rheumatologist 3 days ago and she started me on methyl prednisone (I have type 2 diabetes and she thought it would be better than regular prednisone.). It's not helping. The fever, in fact, continues to slowly climb. This morning was 99.8. Previous short courses of regular prednisone have helped but I've never been this bad before.

I'm new to Lupus. I've read that I have to find "my normal" to know when to take action but I don't know what my normal is yet. It's Saturday here. I won't reach my doctor till Monday and by then it's just a few more days till my appointment. Do I call her again Monday? Do I go to the hospital?

Any help appreciated.