My name is Shel. I was just recently diagnosed with SLE and Sjogren's after dealing with "mysterious" symptoms for so long. I fould out that I have Stage 3 CKD in October (2013). My nephrologist immediately suspected Lupus but after a negative biopsy he basically decided to just wait it out. My ANA has been severely positive for quite some time but the Complements and other tests only showed traces of autoimmune.

I like in Kentucky until June of next year (2015) and then we'll be moving to Phoenix. I'm a full-time Social Work student and solo mom. Besides trying to cope with the pain, I seem to be managing all else. This coming school year I've decided to take a modified academic break. What I mean by that is I want to stay in school however I'm beyond overwhelmed with my health. So I'm going to take classes out of pure interest whether they'll transfer, apply to my degree or not. I don't want to dropout, but I can't keep taking required classes and risking having to retake later.

I look forward to talking with more people and learning from their experiences. Until this year, I haven't known anyone with Lupus so everything is even harder to process. I hope you all are as well as can be. Looking forward to talking more with you.