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Thread: Just Diagnosed -Wondering When Plaquenil will Help

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    Default Just Diagnosed -Wondering When Plaquenil will Help

    Hi everyone. So grateful to have found this site. I read the posts for a few days before registering. Lots of information.

    I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago and, like many other posts I saw, had to find a doctor willing to look at all my symptoms, not just my negative ANA. I have joint pain, unbelievable fatigue, malar rash, anemia despite supplements, Raynaud's, pancreatitis, thyroid wonkiness and ulcers in my mouth and nose. I took a lot of comfort from the many posts where others said "I'm not crazy." The 2nd rheumatologist I saw confirmed the diagnosis and here I am.

    My general MD put me on 2 short, low dose courses of prednisone while we waited for confirmation of the Lupus. The first one worked beautifully. The second, less helpful. The rheumatologist started me on Plaquenil 3 weeks ago and so far, no relief. I was told not to expect any for several months.

    Can anyone comment on how long it took for the Plaquenil to kick in and how effective it was for the fatigue and joint pain?

    Thanks for this site.


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    hi deb, and welcome.

    plaquenil does not have a magic date that it starts to take effect.
    it works by slowly modifying your body.
    it takes an accumulative effect form several doses.
    usually it takes about 3 or so months before we realise the effects.

    one day you will realise that the pain is less, or the fatigue is less.
    you will not put it down to a certain date, but it was a gradual happening
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    Also, once the Plaquenil does start working and you begin to see and feel its effects, most say that it works very well for them on a number of symptoms. If you find that it does not do the same for you after several months, perhaps you can talk to your doctor about putting you on a low dose of Prednisone in conjunction with the Plaquenil. Actually, most doctors will put patients on the two drugs at the same time if their symptomology deems it reasonable. You might think about asking your doctor about this possibility if you find that your symptoms are causing too much interference in your daily routine.
    I wish you the best and welcome to our family!

    Peace and Blessings
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