Good morning, I am new to this forum and wanted to make a quick post to introduce myself. I am a 32 year old mother of two, who was recently diagnosed with lupus. But, I've had autoimmune issues going on since about 2006. I used to work as a chef, but had to give that up, as it was just too physically demanding for my body. I'm having a hard time finding my new normal. I've always been a very active person, I used to do triathlons and run, but now I generally end up limping if I simply try to walk around the block. It is particularly hard having two small kids because I want them to be active too, but going outside seems to really take a toll on me, even if I wear sunblock and protective clothing.

I am thankful to have a diagnosis. Right now I'm on a 60 mg of pred/day and just started taking cellcept. Once my body starts tolerating the cellcept well, my Dr. will also start me on planquenil (sp?). We are hoping to start tapering off the pred in about a month. I also feel very fortunate that I've found a really good rheumatolgist, who has gone above and beyond my expectations. He wasn't my first rheumy, but I'm really glad to have found him. I don't know how "normal" my life will return to once I'm stabilized on meds. I guess I'm just not sure what to expect.

I think I'm still a little shocked about how much of my life this is affecting, and kind of struggling with how to make it work with a busy life.

Thanks for listening!