Hi Fellow Lupites....Lupians? How about friends,

I sometimes feel like I am foreign to the people in my life who do not think there is anything wrong with me due to their lack of knowledge about lupus.
We should have a special lupus handshake-- that won't hurt my thumbs! I live overseas where I work on a military base in Japan. I spent 6 years in and out of medical offices to be told that I was just over 40 and out of shape. Flu symptoms, roving arthritis, chest pains, mouth sores, lung issues, rashes and bumps, red face, bladder infections, hair loss.. just feeling like poop and told it was in my head. I have found that many lupus sufferers have the same story-- "You're crazy!"
I finally got a definitive diagnosis from an intern here in Japan, but I do not have a doctor on base here who has much knowledge of lupus. Plus, I live on a sub-tropical island. The sun is a killer. I scour the internet for information and have tried to make lifestyle changes to help me cope. I look forward to sharing experiences and gaining information from the members here.
Humor helps.