sorry have not been around lately. had severe bout of flu and took 5 lots of antibiotics to clear chest have had use inhalers. everything has got to me and I have had a nervous breakdown. which has caused me to flare severe. have had to be put on anti depressants. and my endone has been increased .I cannot stop shaking and am crying all the time. cannot even speak to my own children as there problems have been a major cause of my breakdown. I luv them but have been advised to distance myself from them for awhile to get a rest. but my mother has been very mean to me and has told me I am being selfish and my children should come first she has sent me lots of abusive texts as well as ring and abuse me. she also rang me up one morning and told me my son may have overdosed and it was my fault. turns out he had not he was only trying to hurt me again. and she still blamed me and took him out and bought him things. she enables them all the time and when something goes wrong she expects me to pick up the pieces. and is annoyed that I cannot. be there and she does not want the responsibility of what she has created.i am feeling sad and lost right now.