We all know pop (soda) is bad for us. And me, like most folks, drink way more than I should.

Having secondary ckd only increases my need to stop drinking it. I know it's bad-ok really bad-for me, but I'm addicted to that carbonated sorcery lol I've strictly followed "if you can't see through it, it's harmful" (meaning dark pops like Pepsi, coke, etc) but I still binge on the "clear" varieties.

Not to mention the calories-yikes! My biggest down fall (always has been) is that I DRINK my caloric intake for the day. And then some. Food, forget about it lol the pudge growing around my pudge prone areas isn't from food (I can't do gluten, so sinful things like bread products, don't appeal to me in the least) I'm a veggie kinda gal, and since having to cut my purines....meat is definitely even less than it use to be (along other high foods like spinach, sadly).

So here's my question: what do you drink?

I'm looking for beverages that are low in sodium, calories & aren't full of syrup/sugars...yet enough flavor to satisfy.

I've tried crystal light, koolaide, etc but honestly I get burnt out after a weeks time.
I've thought about Gatorade or powerade but they're high in sodium :-/

Sooooo does Anyone know of any tasty, kidney friendly quenchers, besides h2O???