Hello! I have had Systemic Lupus for nearly 7 years now. Every flares has been typically the same. Very weak, fibromyalgia like pain, joint swelling accompanied by pain, and extreme fatigue. Here recently, for about a week now, I have been getting those flares, but only at night. Around 6 P.M. I start to feel a flare coming on. I end up being bed ridden for about four hours before I am able to fall asleep. When I wake up in the morning, I feel perfect. The only difference in these flares, besides the fact that they are only apparent at night, is an extreme headache. It's not quite a migraine because I have no sensitivity to light, but it's so bad that my teeth hurt for some reason. By the time eleven at night hits, every symptom starts to fade. I recently started a new birth control about two weeks ago. I am aware that some new types of BC can have side affects like the headaches, but I would assume that it would be more consistent. I'm just curious if anyone has and ideas or similar instances to this one. I just find it bizarre that I would only have these little flares at the same time every night and wake up feeling great.