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Thread: Can exercise trigger flairs?

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    Default Can exercise trigger flairs?

    Yesterday my dad and I got in a huge fight...he doesn't understand lupus and thinks that exercising and eating healthy herbs will "cure" it. Every time I exercise (or walk for 1 + miles) my hands, feet, ankles, knee's, and stomach swells up. I feel as if I'm walking on sprained feet/ ankles and I get a huge stomach pain warning: TMI (to the point of feeling like I have to "go" to the bathroom.. and all that will pass out is blood). I will sometimes even vomit blood.

    I ended up (after him fighting with me calling me lazy and getting "huge"..) I'm normal weight by the way.. but I'm not skinny.. and he thinks I should be skinner. I tried explaining to him that I have been retaining water, swollen, and on steroids that make you swell more. His response was I should stop all my medication and wait for 6 months to see another doctor (I see 6 specialists already.. and they all agree it's Lupus and a Blood disorder mixing and causing the issue).

    I had enough of the verbal abuse and started walking (which is roughly 12 miles away) to my family's place. The swelling was on site of walking and I could feel the swelling.. today I find blisters on my neck and shoulders (I was wearing a long shirt.. too) I have a deeper redened rash on my face now, and I'm still sore and swollen. It feels like I had gotten hit by a truck.. it even hurts to breathe. He told me it was impossible that I had a flair because exercise is suppose to help reduce swelling in general and relieve stress.

    I have issues with fluating between very low to very high blood pressure, high coritsol and general anxiety disorder, which when I exercise actually doesn't relieve stress but brings it on and I feel anxious for days after. (I also can't take NAID's for the swelling due the the blood disorder.. : ( )

    (this part is a rant...)

    When I explained that to him.. he told me "well I'd take some blood vomiting instead of getting huge.. your going to get huge.. you just have to keep pushing yourself...get some sun light, tan, exercise, spend more time in the garden get up off your lazy ass and get motivated" I don't even think he relizes, stress, pushing to much, Sun light, tanning, and spending more time outside is a huge trigger to Lupus... (I even asked him if he looked it up to try to understand Lupus,.. and he said no..) Ugh.. He tells me "it's just another excuse".
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