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Thread: Lupus and vbac

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    Is there any research on lupus and the difference between a c-section and vaginal birth? My rheumatologist told me I have less chance for a flare with a vbac then a c-section as overall it's less traumatic on my body. However, I have had 2 previous C-sections. The first one, I was 19 and didn't know a good from bad dr or how to advocate for myself. My ob induced me at 36 weeks on the basis of IUGR. When the induction didn't work he claimed that with every contraction my daughter's heart rate was dropping. It wasn't. But I didn't know to advocate and say something. Instead, I ended up in the OR. My second C-section, I was told I had no choice because I had already had one. That was 5 years ago. The only reason a vbac might be contraindicated for me is because I have never been allowed to experience labor. With that said, I can't find a doctor who will even do a vbac. I have contacted the only hospital covered by my insurance and the doctor they recommended me to, well another doctor in his practice states that they don't do them. However the director of the women's center of the hospital, and a current patient all state that he does. Its really to a point that I am considering the possibility of laboring at home and just refusing to schedule a C-section. Any thoughts would be helpful!

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    Any surgery is traumatic to Lupus patients, or to everyone for that matter. From minor procedures to major surgery! Trauma "Can" cause a flare-up. Some people have had numerous surgeries with no adverse affects. Some are just the opposite.
    I would suggest that you try to get as healthy as you can prior to your due date and that you and your obstetrician make a decision that is best for you and for your baby. Of course you have to consider the amount of trauma, but you also have to consider your post-delivery trauma too.
    I wish you the best of luck

    Peace and Blessings
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