Hello I'm Paulette (PS, cause I always have 1 more thing to say,lol) I was formerly diagnosed a year ago, but started battling problems in Oct 2005. I finally went to the Dr. March 2006 where my Primary and many different specialists started to practice medicine on me. What a nightmare! Why are you giving me Plaquenel I ask, Dr./Drs. say we don't know lets just try it, something to that effect. Had to give up a successful career. BIIIIIIGGGGG pay cut a year. I no longer take any of that....Oh yes I did try ,methotrexate,dexameth,prednisone along with 40 or 50 other medsover the years. Side effects. Hair fell out, profuse sweating. narcotic euphoria (hehe) til that ended, I just needed more and more and wasn't even having fun and doing crafts in my stupor! So here I am. You know my story. Non lupus people do not understand.