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    Cool ps

    Hello I'm Paulette (PS, cause I always have 1 more thing to say,lol) I was formerly diagnosed a year ago, but started battling problems in Oct 2005. I finally went to the Dr. March 2006 where my Primary and many different specialists started to practice medicine on me. What a nightmare! Why are you giving me Plaquenel I ask, Dr./Drs. say we don't know lets just try it, something to that effect. Had to give up a successful career. BIIIIIIGGGGG pay cut a year. I no longer take any of that....Oh yes I did try ,methotrexate,dexameth,prednisone along with 40 or 50 other medsover the years. Side effects. Hair fell out, profuse sweating. narcotic euphoria (hehe) til that ended, I just needed more and more and wasn't even having fun and doing crafts in my stupor! So here I am. You know my story. Non lupus people do not understand.

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    hi paulette, and welcome.

    one thing to remember with many of the auto immune disorders .....
    doctors do not know enough. and there is often no test to completely confirm your condition.
    also with 63 of them .... it is easy for someone to not fully understand and diagnose exactly what we have.
    to complicate things more ... many of the symptoms overlap, and we often have more than 1 condition.

    so yes this doctor who has spent 7 years studying to be a gp.....
    and then 4 or 5 more to be a rhuematologist .....
    has to admit that he spent 12 years of his life and still has no real answer for you.
    not always easy for them.

    i also gave up a successful career due to my illness ...
    i went from over $165,000.00 to a pension of under $30,000.
    and i had to go bankrupt, losing my house, car and event the toys.
    try telling your son why he has to loose his motorbike, or your daughter why we are loosing her horse.

    but this disease can and still does take lives ..... we need to remember this fact.
    modern medicine helps control the symptoms ..... but not the actual condition.

    please remember that modern medicine is keeping many of us alive, and until someone can find a safer alternative ......
    it is our only real option.

    please feel free to discuss any or all subjects on here, as long as they abide by our rules of conduct.
    not everyone will always agree with you, but we are open to discuss options.
    please take some time to read the "stickies", at the top of the section called "new members".

    again welcome
    When you're stressed, You eat Ice cream, Cake, Chocolate & Sweets. Why? Because stressed spelled backwards is DESSERTS.

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    Hello and Welcome PS;
    You've been given some great information by Steve and I cannot improve upon that. I just wanted to make sure that I added my "welcome" so - Welcome To Our Family!!

    Peace and Blessings
    Look For The Good and Praise It!

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