I found this forum today and decided to join. I have so many questions and concerns but can't get any answers other than "take this" I am sick of poisonous meds, so I am turning to the experts, all of you. I believe I have had Lupus for years now but never paid much attention since it was causing other problems with my lungs and GI tract. It has been getting really bad lately. I see a Rheumatologist next month, no one would take me, either because of my insurance or because of negative on Lupus/RA test. I test positive for ANA and this came up about 4 years ago but was having symptoms way before then. This is when I first heard of Lupus. My Dr. says I am a positive negative? I have a lot of the symptoms but its not reading on the blood test.Thank you for allowing me to join the forum, I think this will help me get through the really bad days.