Hi, Let me start by saying I am new to using any forums this is my very first so bare with me. Now I am a 29yr old wife and mother of two. I have not yet got a for sure diagnosis of Lupus but am scheduled to see a rheumatologist at the end of June. this all started over a year ago when my fingers started splitting open which was very painful. I like most mothers waited until just recently to go to the doctor and only then because I began having symptoms of raynauds syndrome. After seeing the doc he verified the Raynauds Diagnosis and ordered a series of labs to be drawn. Most everything came back Okay, well everything except my ANA which was 1.320 with a Speckaled pattern, and my ESR which was 21. after spending a good while talking to my doc he informed me that alot of the symptoms I was brushing off to being a mom and not getting enough sleep and just "over doing things" were all also symptoms to Lupus. Like I said I am not one to run to the doc for every ailment so when he informed me that the fatigue I had assumed was related to working different shifts than my husband and taking care of the babies and all my babysitting kids, fatigue to the point that I am afraid to sit down most days in fear of falling asleep was the number one symptom of Lupus. and the body aches and pains, it takes me a good while to get moving in the mornings due to these pains, I assumed that that is how a 30 year old is suppose to feel, after all I have never been great at taking care of myself anyway. and the headaches all stress, but maybe now not? there are several other symptoms, my lymph nodes swell with no explanation other than "infection somewhere" I do get foggy brain from time to time, (if you had 10-12 kids running around all day everyday I think you would too lol) but there are just so many things that could be anything or now could be this. Im not sure how I am to feel, I am scared, curious, worried, but most of all stressed over this upcomming apt. so my question if I made any sense at all, what are some of your thoughts? is there enough there for me to be concerned that I have Lupus? I know they say knowledge is the key but goodness I can only read so much before I start to make myself nauseus from worry. any and all comments are appreciated. I have never been one to complain about my aches and pains so I feel like I am just whinning about them all now lol I assure you thats not the case Im just a little scared is all because so little is known or being said right now. Thanks in advance.