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    Default I'm still here

    Umm, I'm in the process of looking for a new job. I was suddenly, without warning fired 15 April. The reason given was totally bogus and had I been allowed to go to my computer, I would have been able to prove their accusations to be lies. I wasn't allowed to refute nor defend myself. Now they are trying to deny me unemployment . The investigator called me last week with a bunch of questions which was fine but it was also very enlightening for the investigator when I explained my side of the story. Ex boss told her I was given verbal and written warnings and that I refused to follow his instructions. I may not have agreed with him, but I NEVER refused to follow orders. I know that I was set up, I know by who but I don't know why and I have no proof. I am glad to be out of there but not like that. It was a hostile work environment. It, oddly, started getting worse after I brought up the fact that I was in the process of raising and training a service dog. The ex boss boss actually had the audacity to tell me that I didn't need a service dog. Like he is an expert on anything? So... I am home, applying for jobs, working with Karma, fingers crossed my I employment goes through and I'm taking this " unscheduled vacation" to start a cottage industry called "Let er Rip" : rag rugs that are recycled, reclaimed, remade and redone. Woven rugs. Building up an inventory for fall craft shows and great news! I already have orders! Now to actually finish a rug! They are 2 foot by 3 foot on a wooden frame loom. My back hurts after 15 minutes so it isn't going as quickly as I'd like but it will get better. It helps get my mind in a good place and not dwell on negativity.
    "I'm going to get healthy or die trying"

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