Has anyone tried a hand massaging machine? I found something called an iPalm that you put your hand in and it uses acupressure techniques combined with heat to massage one hand.

If you haven't used a machine like this does going to a massage place help your joint pain?

My biggest complaints with my SLE is fatigue & joint pain. My hands are the worst, but it also hits my elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, & feet. Nsaids don't touch the inflammation, pain pills & steroids help, but that's not a long term solution, and frankly I don't feel I get enough relief to put up with the side effects.

On a regular day I wake up with my hands stiff in claws. After I use them a bit the pain and stiffness lessens, on these days I could see benefiting from a massage however I can not afford a personal masseuse, nor to go to a massage parlor daily. On the horrible days any touch is excruciating even and especially massage, so the machine would never work on those days, but perhaps it would lessen the amount of horrible days with daily use?

Does anyone use a tens unit on their hands? Would it be better to buy a $30 tens unit rather than a $130 hand massager?

Thanks for reading!