Well, my appointment went well considering. My BP is still of concern. They checked it about 5 times w/a final reading of 168/90. E/time they checked it it was higher. Yes, I was nervous. Naturally. I too have always had great BP; it's frustrating b/c the nurse asks me, "have you always had high BP?" Anyhow, they say symptoms of a Lupus flare and Preeclampsia are similar. I don't feel a flare coming on though; I don't have headaches or abdominal pain. To be honest, I wouldn't even know I had high BP if it weren't for my readings. They want to see me again next week and they're sending me to the perinatologist I saw when I first got PG. I'll keep checking back in though. The sonogram seemed to go alright. The doctor will discuss it w/me next week. However, I'm having a boy not a girl like they had said at 18 weeks. I have a few places to return things to. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I continue to pray that things don't get much more complicated, and I continue to watch my sodium intake - much harder than watching calories and fats. Who knew? :shock: