Hi! I am 38 year old female. The end of March my body broke out in hives that have yet to leave. They come and go and respond well to antihistamines, so I don't mind those. My issue is migratory joint swelling in my knees/ankles/toes, leg muscle spasms, EXTREME leg pain and weakness (in the bones, tendons, muscles) sacoriliac joint burning and overall exhaustion. I occasionally have lip swelling and soles of feet swelling as well. I have had about 4 good days since this started. Some days I can't walk. I saw a rheumatologist three weeks ago and had a ton of tests done since that appt. I have a follow up next week. Almost all my blood work was normal. Brain MRI, chest xray, lumbar xray - normal. Here's what was positive: Low Ferritin, Low IGM and High Complement C4, everything else was normal. The rheumy's office called to say it was all normal but she would discuss symptoms with me at the follow up appt.
Here's also some health history: I have Hashimoto's since 2003 and in 2004 I had a discoid rash on my arm that got extremely red and itchy in the sun. Since then, I have had no other issues. I was on prednisone for the joint inflammation and hives almost the entire month of april. Im currently taking iron for the anemia and percocet for the pain, antihistamines as needed.
Does this sound like lupus? Is it possible the rheumatologist will say "everything is normal, get over it?"