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    Default I forgot to make an introduction thread!!

    I'm a 20 year old female who officially got diagnosed with Lupus. But that wasn't my start of the journey , I have been ill for awhile... I had to start homeschooling at the age of 13 because of Juvenile Arthritis, and a rather sever platelet dysfunction that left me in the hospital and often anemic - I had some other health issues I think aren't as relevant. My guess would be that I have had Lupus since the age of 15 (when I started feeling sicker) and by the age of 19 several doctors thought I might have it.. and some where hesitant to say I had it.

    The recent increase of swollen lymph nodes in several parts of my body, adrenal glands swollen, a note of higher infection in the body, positive (ANA), rash, horrible head aches, random fevers, horrible fatigue, joint pains, and having to have my dad cut a ring off from my finger because it was swelling so badly around it was turning my finger purple (one of my favorite rings, too :-( ) was enough to say it was Lupus. I have a bit of mixed feelings about being diagnosed.. Scared, fearful, but also even with that, a relief of knowing -what- is wrong.

    I found out due to the blood disorder I can't take NSAIDs type medication for the swelling (e.g Motrin, ibuprofen,aspirin..) which I'm told can help manage some of the symptoms that I'm having... so I'm stuck taking all steroids and prescription muscle relaxers, which is making me feel rather swollen...ugh. The Lupus has been playing off the blood disorder and triggers, stress, or walking around.. will cause my body to swell sometimes, feet, legs, hand, and stomach.. the stomach along with nerves will be so much to cause me to vomit blood and feel a sharp pain in my stomach.. I'll go to the bathroom to "use it". and find all that is coming out is blood passing...

    To say the least... the last 4 years of my life has really sucked and been challenging (e.g not having friends, not going to a prom, not going to graduation...) and several other things I wish I where able to do.. that I kinda regret I let the illness take over.
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