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    Default Help, scared....

    Haven't been diagnosed. Haven't even asked. Just put 2&2 together for myself, and I'm scared. I don't have most of the big items on the symptoms list, but I was searching the internet for a few obscure things, and I keep seeing Lupus on the list. I've got other autoimmune diseases, and a family history of lupus, so I've always known it was a possibility....

    So here's the deal. How sudden does this disease hit? I'd done a cold turkey off of several other medications, so I was writing everything wrong with me off as withdrawals for several weeks, and most of this started at around that time. But it's been months now, the drugs are long out of my system, and it isn't going away. And a few new things are joining the list: more obvious ones like my shoulders are so painful I can't sleep on my side anymore. Is it possible for lupus to come out of nowhere?

    So why do I think it might be? The two big things I have been hunting for answers to are broken capillaries (my arms are covered with red pinpricks) and ITCHING. No rash, no rhyme or reason, just suddenly my skin is on fire and I can't stop scratching. My scalp is the worst offender, but it isn't the only one. Eyelids are up there too, as are soles of my feet, legs, and palms. Benedryl helps a little, but not enough, and nothing else helps at all. Cold water. That's about it. While I was searching for those, I stumbled on 'memory' and 'concentration'. OMG yes! I haven't been able to think straight for weeks. Joint pain: I thought it was just because I'd been sleeping on the same side every night, but we switched sides, and now the other shoulder is just as bad. It's like the joints have been in compression for weeks, but they haven't....

    There are, however, plenty of reasons I do not want to ask my doctor. Aside from the financial ones, I just got off of a whole slew of medications. I don't want to be on another one. We're 6-8 months out from trying for a baby. I don't want medications in my system that could jeopardize that. Lupus takes a long time and a lot of visits to diagnose. I'm 33. I don't have years to play with. It's baby now or baby never. And I don't have the big things, the obvious things, the ones which could presumably kill me. I'm not exhausted. Granted, my thyroid levels are off, but I'm not all that tired. I'm not really in pain, just my shoulder and that's endurable. And the headaches, but I've had them since puberty. Do I really need to talk to my doctor now? Can't it wait until after we have a baby? Is there any risk at this stage if I just grin and bear it and keep my mouth shut? Am I *please!* just being a hypochondriac in thinking any of this could be lupus, just so scared of the word lupus from my childhood that I'm jumping to conclusions?

    I've already got Graves disease, migraines, IBS and autism/sensory processing disorder. Isn't that enough? Can't one of those cover all this?

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    Hello and Welcome to our family.
    I am so sorry to hear that you are dealing with so much and that you are so frightened. Unfortunately, we are not doctors here and cannot tell you if your symptoms are due to Lupus or not. Also, we cannot advise you on how to proceed medically with your decision to get pregnant.
    I can tell you that with Lupus (and all auto-immune diseases), the lack of treatment and medication almost always leads to a worsening of the disease and the development of new (and sometimes fatal) symptoms. It is always best to start treatment as soon as possible if Lupus and/or other auto-immune diseases are suspected by attending physicians.
    There have been great successes with pregnancy and childbirth amongst women with Lupus. Several of our members have given birth to healthy children. However, each of these pregnancies and births where monitored carefully by the Obstetrician and the physician (usually a Rheumatologist) treating the Lupus.
    I am sorry that I could not be more helpful. All of these decisions are yours to make. We are here to help you, whatever you decide. I wish you the very best.

    Peace and Blessings
    Look For The Good and Praise It!

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