I made a thread here (explaining frustration about going to the doctor and him not officially diagnosing me, but giving me a higher dose of Plaquenil - 400 MG (200 MG in the morning 200 MG at night). He said "I don't think you have Lupus, but here is a medication that treats for it" (I wasn't the one who brought the Lupus up tho). After reading what Lupus was that night, I honestly felt like "Wow, I fit into A LOT of what they are saying". So 3 months later (bringing us to now), I was having another flair whilst seeing him... hands swelling, small sized blisters in my mouth, and I told him how I had to cut a ring off my finger... and the over all drain/ fatigued is really bad...

He started to go into "the last time we looked your lupus had some activity".. and I said... "so does that mean I had/ have Lupus???" and he said, I believe so... (He's a rheumatologist). He went into saying it wasn't a sever Lupus, and was "mild", meaning it would only affect my skin and joints. I have mixed feelings about this label.. but overall I'm glad I know *what* is causing the issues.

I noticed on my checkout paper however.. he didn't have Lupus listed under the "Diagnoses associated with this visit" but was the same thing as it said last time, Joint pain, Muscle pain, platelet dysfunction, Positive ANA. Maybe it just wasn't added on yet.

He has me on the following medication -

Plaquenil - 400 MG (200 MG in the morning 200 MG at night)
Prednisone - 5mg Tablets to start with (after 14 days he wants to higher dose for a longer term use).
Flexeril - 5mg take 3 times a day, as needed (However he wants me to take all 3 doses for the next 3-4 days to get swelling down).